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ASM FALL 2020 Issue

Welcome to FALL 2020 issue of ASM Newsletter.

The air is cold and snappy, and strong winds bring down temperature even lower at night to near zero degrees Celsius. It even feels like winter is here!

Well, that was how it felt like in mid-October when we were harvesting. And now, it is damp and cold again. But when the sun comes out, the color of autumn leaves shine all-over with the background of greens and the blue sky. It is quite nice!

OK. The main purpose of this issue it is to announce the official launch of this year’s rice, and thank you for sending us a lot of inquiries on the BC rice.

‘Northern Lite BC Rice’ sale begins tomorrow Thursday, November 5th,

Please reserve your rice by email only (

with your name and phone number.

We will keep it for two weeks. After that, it will be put to a general sale.

Northern Lite 900g (2 lb)


NO PESTICIDES OR HERBICIDES are used. Packaged in a re-sealable and recyclable bag. We recommend to store the rice in the fridge for maximum freshness.

This year’s harvest was quite disappointing. The rice production was severely affected by unusually cooler June-July months when rice plants needed warm weather for vigorous growth. Consequently, we have a very small volume that can be made available for sale, so we must limit one bag for each household. We have also decided to offer ‘Brown Rice’ only this time in order to minimize the loss from milling (to turn brown rice into white rice). We are very sorry for the inconvenience to white rice lovers, but please try the brown rice this time and enjoy more flavours of the Fraser Valley grown Northern Lite BC Rice.

Please note that the rice is for ‘store pick-up’ only and is NOT available to purchase through our on-line shop.

By the way, we started importing Japanese ‘certified organic’ white rice (2kg). earlier this year and it is available at our Granville Island store and on-line store in this website. The rice comes from Niigata prefecture which is famous for ‘koshi-hikari’ table rice production. It is a perfect rice variety for ‘sushi’ making, and of course, it is great as the ‘general purpose’ rice.

Kamo Certified Organic Rice (2Kg)

有機栽培米 新潟こしひかり



For those wishing to experience something new, we are offering ‘Amazake’ (750ml $15) a sweet non-alcoholic drink which is made with Sakekasu (fermented rice mash). It can be served warm or cold. You can also make the Amazake yourself by picking up a small tub of Sakekasu from our store. Sakekasu is a versatile culinary ingredient for soup base and marinating meat and fish.

See you in the next issue. Please stay safe and keep warm!

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