OSAKE - Junmai Nigori Sparkling

OSAKE - Junmai Nigori Sparkling

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OSAKE - Junmai Nigori Sparkling


Velvety and Off-dry


Enjoy the mouthfeel and complex flavours!


Lively and effervescent, this Nigori Sparking Sake retains some of the rice sediment in the bottle giving it vibrantly deep flavours, balanced by nice acidity and smooth, creamy finish; a wonderful companion for smoky, spicy flavours.



Alc/Vol. 12.5%


  • Food Match

    • Spicy Chicken Wings
    • Shrimp Enchilada
    • Sweet & Sour Pork
    • Baja Fish Tacos
    • Hawaiian BBQ
    • Fresh Fruit with Yogurt
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