OSAKE - SakeKasu

OSAKE - SakeKasu

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Available in three sizes:  450g , 900g and the 4kg.


SakeKasu is the “lees” that remain after the fermented rice mash has been pressed during the sake making process.

SakeKasu is an excellent cooking ingredient for a variety of dishes including meat, fish, soup and dessert. 

SakeKasu contains distinct properties that work as a natural flavour enhancer, meat tenderizer, blending, binding and preserving agent.

SakeKasu is characterized with mild flavour, rich nutritional values including protein, probiotics, vitamin Bs, fibers and cream cheese-like texture.


Check "Sakekasu recipes" on our website.


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    What you can do with this protein rich paste:

    • Use as a marinade for fish and meat, lightly brush on both sides and grill or pan fry.
    • Mix with Salt and cure pork: charcuterie
    • Mix with Miso and make Asian soup base
    • Make mayonnaise-style sauce or dip
    • Mix with milk or cream for sorbet/ice cream
    • Mix in bread dough, pancake batter and pizza crust
    • Make mayonnaise without eggs
    • Keeps in the fridge for half a year
    • Keeps in the freezer for at least 2 years
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