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OSAKE - SakeKasu


Available in three sizes:  450g - 750g and the 4kg pail.


SakeKasu is the “lees” that remain after the fermented rice mash has been pressed during the sake making process.

SakeKasu is an excellent cooking ingredient for a variety of dishes including meat, fish, soup and dessert. 

SakeKasu contains distinct properties that work as a natural flavour enhancer, meat tenderizer, blending, binding and preserving agent.

SakeKasu is characterized with mild flavour, rich nutritional values including protein, vitamin Bs, fibers and cream cheese-like texture.


  • Product Info

    What you can do with this protein rich paste:

    • Use as a marinade for fish and meat, lightly brush on both sides and grill or pan fry.
    • Mix with Salt and cure pork: charcuterie
    • Mix with Miso and make Asian soup base
    • Make mayonnaise-style sauce or dip
    • Mix with milk or cream for sorbet/ice cream
    • Mix in bread dough, pancake batter and pizza crust
    • Make mayonnaise without eggs
    • Keeps in the fridge for half a year
    • Keeps in the freezer for at least 2 years
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