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As this pandemic crisis continues to evolve, our commitment to work with our LOCAL communities and fellow businesses to support each other is stronger than ever.  


EAT DRINK BUY LOCAL supports local farmers, ranchers and producers. Every day, local chefs are inspired by food that is grown, harvested and produced here and we are proud to support their culinary creativity with our local Sake!

We are running a campaign in collaboration with restaurants offering in-dining service and take out foods to help make OSAKE products available with your meal.


This campaign is for customers in all regions of BC.  Please tell us the name of restaurants where you wish OSAKE to become available for purchase.  We will reach out to them and make that happen!



Hi there! from your friends at Artisan Sake Maker on Granville Island. As fellow Local Artisans, we are reaching out to you to see how we can support each other during these restrictive and uncertain times. 

For restaurants

The province (BCLCRB) continues to support Food & Liquor Primary Licensees to offer a take away service and sell bottled liquor products to customers with the purchase of a meal. 


Conveniently, we offer half-size bottles (375ml) - perfect for a single person or a couple – to add pleasure to their culinary experience or add new discovery! 

For liquor stores and Mixologists

Sake is on the rise as a pleasurable drink in every scene of people’s lives in BC and across Canada!

In the non-Japanese culinary scenes, we are seeing more and more Sake listed on the drink list and used in cocktails both as primary ingredient and supporting mix base. Sake has been widely accepted as one of the in-home drinking choices in the last 18 months while restaurant in-dining was restricted.  

Please place an order of our locally handcrafted Sake by email. There is no minimum order; any numbers of bottles or mixed-case can be purchased. 

To support this collaboration, we will promote your business about your offered services through our social media links. Let’s keep the business moving and our customers informed of local Eats and Drinks!


If you are interested in working together with us to promote “Eat-Drink-Buy LOCAL” movement please contact us at:




Our products


It all begins with rice

Our philosophy: Sustainable, Local, and Natural–


Established in 2007 on Granville Island, Artisan SakeMaker is known as a unique commercial winery that handcrafts award winning, and small batch fresh sake. Our “OSAKE” is widely recognized as “Canada’s first locally produced fresh premium Sake”, and its popularity has reached across the country and beyond.

This philosophy is practiced in all of our product development – sourcing and processing ingredients, sake making procedures and rice growing practices.


Osake is made in small batches several times a year in cycles roughly corresponding to the changing of the seasons. This allows us to produce versatile rice wines that complement the varied in-season bounty of our local west coast cuisine; from fish and shellfish in spring and summer to heart-warming braises and stews in fall and winter.

After seven years of trials and errors, we reached our first milestone and produced our entire sake products from 100% Canadian contents in 2015.

Our current mission is to increase the yield and quality of rice to produce exquisite Osake products to reach a wider audience for their enjoyment of true “Canadian Sake”.



 Tasting Room

Drop by our store and sample our delicious sake at our tasting room.  Open daily between 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Visitors can try a single tasting for $2.50, or the three styles of sake for $6.

Snacks are also available! 

*Please bring your proof of vaccination for tasting. 

1339 Railspur Alley, Granville Island,
Vancouver, BC, Canada. V6H 4G9

Artisan SakeMaker Winery Tour

 *Currently not available

If you are new to Vancouver, Granville Island or curious about how Sake is made?

A tour fee will apply - please inquire

Call us at  (604) 685-7253 to book a private "Tour & Tasting"

*Must be 19+ to book

Covid-19 Safety plan